Privacy Policy

  1. Shri Meenakshi Fan House Private Limited is a one of the reputated company in South Tamilnadu, and running over 30 years successfully with support of our customers.
  2. Shri Meenakshi Fan House has a separate rules for its privacy policy.
  3. Our website design and content is specially created by Shri Meenakshi Fan House authorized persons, so no one have a rights to copy from us.
  4. Our website’s privacy policy, terms and conditions and any other content is subject to change any time without a notification, So nobody has a rights to question us.
  5. If any customer or any other person violates our terms and condition, privacy policy or any other content then the company will take necessary actions.
  6. If anybody tries to modify the website content, coding or trying to spread the virus into the website is impermissible and offense. So, if anybody does it then the company will take necessary action against those persons.
  7. Shri Meenakshi Fan House dealing with only top brands in the world, so our product quality is always good.
  8. Our product price is low and affordable for customer, so bargaining is not possible between the customer and Company.
  9. If anybody wants to buy the product in our company website first you should register with our website. Without registration you cannot buy the product in our website.
  10. You can trust us for the information provided by you, your information will not be share with any other website or company.
  11. But you can book a service for your product without the registration, In service form you must give your basic details like Name, Phone Number, Address, Visiting time and product details.
  12. If you book for a service for your product we will assign same brand service technician to your place.
  13. Service cost is based on warranty period and brand policy, if the warranty period is expired then you should pay for service cost according to your product repair.
  14. If the customer ordered the product that will be deliver within 4-5 business days approximately.
  15. If the customer wants to cancel the product they should cancel it prior to shipping.
  16. If the product is shipped, customer should pay the delivery charges and return the product to Shri Meenakshi Fan house for refund.
  17. If the product is damaged while shipping, company will take the full responsibility for that and the company will accept that product return quickly.
  18. If any customer refusing the ordered product at the time of delivery without a valid reason they must pay for the delivery charge(Shipping and Return). Refund will not be processed until we get the product in good condition.
  19. Returned items amount will be refunded within 3-4 business days based on the product condition.
  20. Shri Meenakshi Fan House website do not have a link with other websites.
  21. Shri Meenakshi Fan House website has a option for online chat(11 AM to 6 PM) to know the details about the company and product.
  22. Shri Meenakshi Fan House has a option for Product return, but we have a separate rules for the product return.
  23. If you want to cancel the product you should specify the reason, the company will accept your product return if only your reason is valid.(Refer our company’s return policy)
  24. We are using HDFC  payment gateway, so we accept all the type of debit, credit cards and You can also use Net Banking Option. HDFC Payment Gateway is secure with the highest levels of transaction security currently available on the Internet.
  25. In case any problem happened during payment, we will be able to check manually in our account that the money is credited to us or not. Please call our helpdesk.
  26. We doesn’t store any customer payment related info. Our page will be redirected to HDFC Payment Gateway page for transactions.