Return Policy

  1. We does not deliver defective goods to any Customer, We Check the product Completely before shipping.
  2. In case the product is damaged that occurred during Shipping only.
  3. If the customer want to change their ordered product’s Color or Model at the time of delivery our company will not encourage and accept that.
  4. We do not honor Product return without a valid reason.
  5. Shri Meenakshi Fan House offers you 4 days Replacement Policy. In the replacement time(For the 4 days), If the product is repaired, First you should book a service through our Website with the help of fields Name,, Visiting Time and Address.
  6. Then the service technician from concern Brand will come to your place and Service the Product with free of cost(For the 4 days Replacement Policy).
  7. If the Service technician Declared that Product is totally damaged, then only our Company will accept your Product Return Request.
  8. After accepting the Product return the company will offer you two options one is Refund and another one is New Product.
  9. If you want refund, it may take up to 5-7 days to complete the refund from the time we have received our product back.
  10. We will work with the company to provide a free service for the Product’s warranty period.
  11. If you buy the product with the help of coupon code and if you want refund, your net paid amount only will be refunded.
  12. During the replacement process, the given Product should contains all the accessories, cable’s, box etc.,
  13. If you have any other problem in Product return Please contact our support center 0452-4380008.