Terms and Conditions

  1. Shri Meenakshi Fan House only deliver a goods to the region of Tamilnadu only right now. Other ordersmight be cancelled based on the location.
  2. Our website is specially designed for User friendly operations to our customer to buy the product easily.
  3. You can easily view the product in our website any time during that time Shri Meenakshi Fan House assures you, we does not store any of the customer details.
  4. You can only buy the product after the customer register with our Shri Meenakshi Fan House website.
  5. Before you buy the product from our website you should accept our Terms and conditions for according to company laws.
  6. Our company Shri Meenakshi Fan House assures you, we does not share any customer of the details to any Social Media’s or some other websites.
  7. Shri Meenakshi Fan House is a one of the reputed company in South Tamilnadu.
  8. Our company Shri Meenakshi Fan House has 10+ branches in South Tamilnadu.
  9. Now Shri Meenakshi Fan House expanding its branches to other cities of Tamilnadu through this website.
  10. You can trust us while buying the product from Shri Meenakshi Fan House.
  11. Shri Meenakshi Fan House has rights to change their website content/text/design/deals at the any time without noticing to the customer.
  12. Shri Meenakshi Fan House offers you 4 days replacement policy to return the product it is only applicable for defective product.
  13. Shri Meenakshi Fan House reserves whole copyrights to its own content and creation.
  14. Shri Meenakshi Fan House offers you to Rate and Review the product after you buy the product from Shri Meenakshi Fan House. It is used to analyze the product details and company service in the customer view only. If anybody uses Rate and Review Options in a wrong manner the company will take necessary action against those customer.
  15. We send some product details to the customer for a marketing purpose only after the customer accepting/subscribing the company News Letter.
  16. In case the customer have a any problem to buy product or after bought the product the company will fully stand with the customer to solve the problem as per the customer wish.
  17. Shri Meenakshi Fan House may suspend operation of this website for maintenance work, in order update the content or any other reason without acknowledging to the customer.
  18. Shri Meenakshi Fan House has a rights to ban the customer for lifetime or particular time for the particular customer user login for his/her wrong activities on the website.
  19. Don’t post any virus spreading that affects website or rewrite the website coding is impermissible.
  20. If you do any of the activity like the above then the company will take severe legal action against those peoples.
  21. Shri Meenakshi Fan House will offers the customer to service the product for free of cost(For the warranty period).
  22. Warranty will cover for particular parts of the product according to the company law.
  23. After the warranty period the customer must pay for the technician to service the product.
  24. If the product is repaired, warranty will not be applicable if the customer relocate the product where the technician installed from the one place to another place or another home or another town/city.
  25. Shri Meenakshi Fan House always follows Central and State Governments Rules and Regulations respectively.
  26. Shri Meenakshi Fan House also offers to avail Loan Facility to customer buy the products in easiest way. Our company also gives so many Finance Options like Bajaj Finance, IDFC Finance and HDB Finance to buy the products as per customer choices.
  27. If the customer buying the product with a help of any Finance option, the product only deliver to the given address at the time of Finance card.