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Bajaj TC 2007 Tower Air Cooler(37 Liters,White)

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Featuring an ice chamber, along with a 37-litres water tank, the Bajaj TC 2007 room cooler provides a cold blast of air every time you switch it on. It features Chill Trap Technology and removable Honeycomb pads to offer you an optimum cooling performance. With a four-way air deflection system, this tower cooler can easily deliver air up to 200 sq. ft.
Water Tank
This air cooler comes with a 37-litre tank, so you don’t have to face the hassle of filling it up frequently. The large-capacity water tank makes this cooler ideal for rooms with a surface area of up to 18.58 sq. m. It also features an ice chamber that enhances the cooling performance. Apart from that, the water tank also features an auto water level indicator, so you can conveniently monitor the amount of water in it. The over flow feature of this air cooler will let you know when the tank is full.
The Bajaj TC 2007 room cooler features the Chill Trap Technology which helps water seep through a wider surface area of the Honeycomb pads. As a result, the amount of water available for evaporation is higher, leading to fast and efficient cooling. In addition, the four-way air deflection system can cover up to 9.14 meters in a small or mid-sized room with minimum noise.
Ergonomic Design
This air cooler features a drain plug that lets you easily remove excess water without spilling. The castor wheels of this tower cooler facilitate its easy mobility. The Honeycomb pads of this cooler can be easily removed and cleaned, preventing bad odour and breeding of mosquitoes.
Inverter Compatibility
If you face a lot of power cuts during summers, then this cooler is for you. Since you can connect it to your home inverter, it can be used during power outages.






37 Ltr