Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Dry Vaccum Cleaner(Red with Black)

4,500 3,400


The Quick Clean DX is a portable vacuum cleaner that’s suitable for deep cleaning furniture and dry surfaces indoors. It has a powerful suction which effectively removes deeply embedded dust and dirt from furniture. This cleaner includes accessories that help you clean every corner of the house thoroughly. The Quick Clean DX also boasts features like the dust bag full indicator which warns you when the unit is full, swivel wheels which let you move around freely when you’re cleaning, and the automatic power cable winder which lets you conveniently store the cleaner’s cord.
Removes Deep Embedded Dust
The 1200 W motor of this vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction capacity that can eliminate even the toughest dirt with ease.
Easy Mobility
With the presence of three swivel wheels, this appliance can be effortlessly moved around the house.
Automatic Power Cable Winder
You don’t have to worry about the power cord being damaged, as this vacuum cleaner comes with an inbuilt storage space for the same. That’ not all, you can extend the cord while using the cleaner and then press the button to retract it back inside.
Suction Control
The handle comes with a Suction Control feature, thereby letting you set the preferred airflow for optimal cleaning.
Smart Indicator
You don’t have to manually open the unit to check if it’s full, as the Smart Indicator alerts you when the dust bag gets accumulated.