LG 687 ltrs Side By Side Refrigerator (GC-B247SQUV.AMCQEBN)

Express Freezer

102,490 91,900

Product Description
Bring home the LG 687 L frost-free side-by-side refrigerator that saves energy and gives your food an even cooling. The digital sensors maintain a consistent temperature for fresh food. The express freezer quickly freezes food contents. This fridge can also detect problems by itself, if any.
Inverter Linear Compressor

This energy-efficient compressor keeps noise to a minimum.

Multi Air Flow Cooling

The multi flow air vents ensure consistent cooling of the fridge to keep your food fresh and healthy.

Multi Digital Sensors

These temperature sensors monitor internal and external temperatures for temperature consistency to keep the food fresh for a long duration.

Express Freezer

You can set the timer to quickly freeze your food, and your fridge will automatically turn it off once it’s done.

Smart Diagnosis System

The fridge detects problems by itself, saving you cost and time.