Orient 1320mm Aerostorm Ceiling Fan(White, Charcoal Grey)



Inspired by the winglet technology employed in latest aircrafts, Orient Electric adds Aerostorm to its Aero series that creates an elegant ambience to suit your modern home decor.
Aerostorm comes with a high gloss premium PU paint finish that ensures the fan looks new forever. The UV metallized decorative ring and the eye catching spiral curves in canopy, blades and bottom cover provides a premium look to the fan. The unique winglet design for the fan blades which minimizes the vortex delivering higher air thrust and minimal noise. across the geography of the country with varied climatic conditions. Its 100% rust-free blades made of specially engineered high grade compounded glass-filled ABS material and aerodynamic design reduces friction and air turbulence like never before which, in turn, gives highest air delivery and air thrust in the category, thereby, aligning it with the Aero series’ theme of “Very silent, Very Powerful”.
Key Features
Blade profile inspired by aircraft wings
Eye catching spiral curves in canopy, blades & bottom cover plate for bold & elegant look
UV metalized Deco Ring for premium design
100% rust free blade made of high grade compounded glass-filled ABS for longer life & reliability
Seamless design & high gloss premium finish with PU paint
Sturdiest & heaviest 18 pole motor design for longer life
Smooth air flow with lesser air cutting noise
2 years warranty on product