Preethi Electric Kettle Snow White EK710 (1.5-Litre)


  • Brand: Preethi
  • 1200 Watts of Power for Rapid Boil
    Snow White boils water in just 4 minutes!
  • Kettle Lifts Off the Corded Base for Safe, Easy Use
    Putting water in and pouring it out are so much easier, The wider mouth and spout filter keeps water poured out to flow uniformly without much spillage.
  • Auto Shutoff When Water Reaches Boiling Point
    This built-in safety feature ensures that the Snow White will never overheat or boil over, which could damage the kettle.
  • Power On Light and Locking Lid for Safety
    With many kettles, you can’t tell if they’re hot except by touching them (ouch!). When the White power light is on, you’ll know just by looking. The locking lid is another great safety feature: it prevents accidental spills while you’re pouring.
  • Water Level Gauge
    A clear marking on the inner sides of the kettle tells you the quantity when water is poured in.