Preethi Electric Rice Cooker Primo RC 311 P18 Flora (1.8 Litre)



Brand: Preethi

A rice cooker is a hugely convenient gadget to own and use. Simple to operate, this appliance is sure to save you time and effort in the kitchen. Not only can you use this to make rice but also utilize this appliance to make other food items.You can use this appliance to make a wide variety of recipes, right from biryani, payasam to even halwa. Daily staples like rasam and sambhar, chicken dishes and your other favourite recipes can be prepared using this rice cooker.These pans are extra durable as they are rust proof giving the product great longevity.Every Preethi appliance promises the highest quality with unmatched performance. As you become a part of the large Preethi family, you will enjoy product warranty and a reliable service.