Preethi Electric Rice Cooker Rangoli (2.2 Litre)


  • Brand: Preethi
  • Fast , Easy and Healthy Cooking
    Preethi rice Cooker can cook wide range of Foods starting from Palav, Biryani, Halwa, and Payasam to Gravies like Sambhar, Rasam… etc
  • Thermostat Cut Off
    It ensures consistent cooking performance leading to excellent quality of food preserving all the essential nutrients making your food tasty and healthy
  • Overlapped Heating Coil
    Cast heaters have overlapping heating element which ensures that there is no thermal blind spot in the heater giving you evenly and uniformly cooked food
  • Double Protection
    Thermal fuse and Micro switch are interlinked to protect the rice cooker from power fluctuation.
  • Extra Protection
    Cast Heater’s lead soldering points are covered with a ceramic seal and RTV 80 silicon glue Hence there is no melting of leads, rusting or moisture formation and making safer for years of operation
  • All round Protection
    Which ensures safety from moisture, water seepage and makes the warm heater fail proof
  • Anodized Aluminium Pan
    Thicker Pans making highly durable and rust proof
  • Superior Painting
    Electro Static painting technology gives us anti rust coating and makes the rice cooker look new even after years of operation
  • Eco Friendly
    RoHS Compliant product and completely made up of eco-friendly materials
  • Auto Warmers
    Keeps the food warm even after four hours of cooking