Whirlpool 7 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine (360 BW PRO 540 H 7.0 GRAPHITE 10YMW)

Edge-to-edge Design




Product Description
The Whirlpool 360-degree Bloomwash Pro H washing machine with its high-end features, will ensure that you wear spotless clothes every day to feel confident and look gorgeous. This essential home appliance features Whirlpool’s Hexa Bloom Impeller, an In-built Heater, and Hot Catalytic Soak technology to wash your clothes in no time.
Edge-to-edge Design

The edge-to-edge design of this washing machine, along with the one piece glass lid, makes accessing the drum effortless.

Impressive Cleaning Performance

This washing machine is capable of removing stubborn stains effectively.

Hexa Bloom Impeller

The Hexa Bloom Impeller comes with six vanes and it washes clothes with a 360-degree blooming wash motion. This motion ensures that your clothes rub against one another for improved cleaning with low fabric-abrasion.

In-built Heater

This feature ensures a thorough wash that will leave your garments germ- and allergen-free by up to 99.9 percent. It automatically senses the laundry load, and also, heats the water up to 60°C to eliminate germs and allergens.

Soft Close Lid

This washing machine features a soft closing lid with a hydraulic mechanism for a smooth washing experience. Also, it protects the glass lid against any damage.

Hot Catalytic Soak

This feature soaks your clothes in concentrated detergent water to help loosen dirt from clothes, ahead of the agitation process. This soaking mechanism uses one-third the quantity of water that would typically be required to create a high concentration of detergent.

Hard Water Wash

This is an intelligent hard water mechanism that adapts the machine program to wash clothes in hard water. As a result, it improves the washing performance.

Power Dry

This home essential features four levels of drying for different types of garments to ensure improved drying.

Smart Sensors

These sensors automatically sense and indicate the water conditions and low voltage. As a result, if the machine stops during a wash cycle due to a power outage, it starts from the mid-cycle when the power supply is restored without any manual intervention.

Smart Detergent Dosage

It senses the load inside the tub, and accordingly, recommends the dosage of detergent.