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Rs. 2,549.00

Orient 400mm Table Fan(Desk 60 Wind Pro, Snow White Body with 5 Lea...

Regular price Rs. 2,549.00 Rs. 2,880.00
Features Silent operation Revolutionary concentric winding technology that makes your fan silent, reliable and more efficient in operation by removing all vibrations, reducing electrical flux and noise in the motor Higher air delivery Ensure higher air thrust in your...
Rs. 2,190.00

Orient 300mm Table Fan(Desk 17 HI Speed)

Regular price Rs. 2,190.00 Rs. 2,450.00
Hi-Speed 2000 RPM fan with 3-speed rotary switch control and indexed till mechanism. Ideal for small cabins, offices and homes. Type: Table Fan Motor Speed: 2000 RPM Power Consumption: 85 W Blade Sweep Size: 300 mm Number of Speed...
Rs. 2,390.00

Orient 400mm Table Fan(Super Deluxe Supreme)

Regular price Rs. 2,390.00 Rs. 2,770.00
A sleek design with a round base and piano type switch. Its Plastic gear box, motor cover and stand give it a sleek, smooth finish. Specially designed Hi - torque motor & acute angled aluminium blades ensure high thrust...
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Rs. 1,900.00
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Orient 400mm Table Fan(Desk 25, White Blue)

Regular price Rs. 2,090.00 Rs. 2,370.00
Be it a blazing sunny afternoon or a humid evening, if there’s anything that can give you an instant relief from the heat, that’s a table fan. Don’t believe us? Then get this Orient Desk 25 table fan and...