LG P7535SMMZ 7.5Kg Semi Automatic WM

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Rs. 15,490.00 Rs. 18,090.00

LG Semiautomatic washing machines equipped with normal pulsator rotates the clothes effectively & Washes out every stain from the clothes for best wash performance. Now choose between 3 wash programs –Gentle, Normal & strong depending on your fabric type. Wind Jet Dry Reduces remaining moisture on laundry and inside of washing machine by Spin tub rotating at high RPM, air comes into the tub and is circulated inside which removes water. Circulation of air through air vents dries clothes. The presence of the lint collector is essential because it ensures that the lint from your clothes does not clog the machine or the drains. The spin shower system washes off the soap residue to leave your clothes sparklingly clean. Its unique collar scrubber helps you scrub cuffs and collars, saving your time and efforts. The spin dryer ensures to dry your clothes by at least 40%. Rats do not dare to come near your device because of Rat Away Technology at work.

  • Semi-automatic top-loading washing machine; 7.5 kg

  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 5 years on motor

  • Semi-automatic washing Machine: Economical, Low water and energy consumption, involves manual effort; Has both washing and drying functions

  • Capacity 7.5 kg: Suitable for Small Family & Bachelors

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years on product and 5 years on motor

  • 1200 rpm: Higher spin speeds helps in faster drying

  • Wash Programs: 3 + 1 (Gentle, Normal, Strong, Soak)

  • 7.5 kg Wash / 6.0 kg Spin Capacity & Rat Away Technology

LG P7535SMMZ 7.5Kg Semi Automatic WM

Rs. 15,490.00 Rs. 18,090.00