Venus Magma Plus Storage Water heater

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Rs. 9,300.00 Rs. 10,970.00


Porcelain Enamel Glass Lined Tank:

Manufactured in a modern, automated plant using European Technology. Protects the tank from rust and corrosion.

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Incoloy 800 element:

Withstands temperatures up to 1000°C. Long lasting, even in case of hard water. Reduces scale formation. Prevents premature element failure. (Horizontal models).


PUF Insulation:

3cm thick (PUF) insulation keeps the water hot for a much longer time and reduces energy consumption.

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8 Bars Pressure:

Suitable for pressure pumps and multi-storey buildings.

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Temperature Display

The display will real-time display the current temperature

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PP Outer Body:

Corrosion free.Shock proof. (Upto 25L models).

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Capillary Thermal Cutout:

Backup safety device. Prevents overheating. Cuts off power at (For 6 and 10 Litres : 90°C capillary cutout & For 15 to 150Litres : 95°C capillary cutout)
(Vertical Models)

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Flexi Mount:

Flexible mounting options (Horizontal Model) Wall/Floor mounting. Left/right side opening options available - ideal for modern apartments.



Fit water heater company in India to be awarded the prestigious ISI certification. This guarantees safety and gives the assurance of high performance.


Scale Guard Technology

In Ceramic heating element heat is transferred over a much larger surface area, which reduces the stress on heating element, lowers watts density/ and ensures less scale deposition on heating element.


Porcelain Enamel Glass Lined Tank:

Porcelain Enameling

Porcelain enamel tanks are widely used internationally and are approved for use in water heaters by BIS, IEC,i DIN(German), UL(US) standards. In India, VENUS is the first manufacturer to start enameling with Dry Powder Enamel system which is superior to other types of coatin

Capacity in Litres 06
Model 006GV
Time to raise Temp by 35°C 6min
Wattage(W) 3000

Venus Magma Plus Storage Water heater

Rs. 9,300.00 Rs. 10,970.00