Preethi Gas Stove Blu Flame Blaze (3-Burner)

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Rs. 7,490.00 Rs. 10,976.00


  • Brand: Preethi

  • India's first glass top gas stove with removable drip tray for easy cleaning

  • 50-percent heavier brass burner for faster cooking

  • Burner thickness is 2 times the hole diameter of the burner for faster heat transmission

  • 7mm thick thermally toughened glass, aesthetically designed to withstand high temperature

  • Night glow switch knob, easy to located during power cut-off

  • Handy lighter holder, keeps you from misplacing the lighter

  • Gas stove is suited for LPG only

  • Material: Glass, Shape: Rectangle

  • Package Contents: 3-Pieces Heavy Duty Brass Burner, 3-Pieces Gas Control Knob, 3-Pieces Vitreous Enamelled Pan Support, 1-Piece Mini Pan Support, 4-Pieces Rubber Leg, 3-Pieces Stainless Steel Drip Tray, 1-Piece Lighter Holder Clamp, 1-Piece Instructional Manual, 1-Piece Customer Care List and 1-Piece Warranty Card

Preethi Gas Stove Blu Flame Blaze (3-Burner)

Rs. 7,490.00 Rs. 10,976.00