V Guard Stabilizer Crystal Plus (TV,Black)

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Rs. 3,200.00 Rs. 3,650.00

Keep your equipment protected with the V Guard Crystal Plus stabilizer. The stabilizer comes equipped with thermal overload protection for optimal safety during temperature burn out. It is equipped with the latest IC technology for efficient and reliable operation. It is the perfect addition for you home if you experience regular voltage fluctuations. This stabilizer has a capacity of 3A for the optimal. Line noise and spike protection;Primary switching technology;Generator compatibility;Built-In Thermal Overload Protection;Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection;Output voltage correction without break;Performs in wide input range;Mains turn - on delay.

Key Features:

Line noise & Spike protection.

Generator compatibility.

High voltage cut off.

Performs in wide input range.

Primary switching technology.

Built-In Thermal Overload Protection.

Output voltage correction without break.

Mains turn-on delay.

V Guard Stabilizer Crystal Plus (TV,Black)

Rs. 3,200.00 Rs. 3,650.00