V-Guard Stabilizer VG Crystal for Led (Black)

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Product description

V-Guard is known for manufacturing a wide array of household products that are synonymous with perfect quality and durability. V-Guard VG CRYSTAL Voltage Stabilizer (Black) has always been treated with high value and trust, for televisions, DVD, DTH, etc. Apart from the common functions performed by an ordinary stabilizer, V-Guard VG CRYSTAL Voltage Stabilizer (Black) is delivered with amazing functions like mains turn-on delay, low / high voltage cut-off, overload cut-off with automatic rest, output voltage correction without break etc. Its sleek design ensures that you can easily keep it any corner of your house without worrying about space.

  • Compatible Devices- Television up to 36 inch and Home Theater, DVD, DTH

  • Other Power Features- High Voltage Cut-off: 290 V Input (240 V Output), Capacity 2 Amps, 120 - 290 V Input Voltage Range

  • Other Features- Primary Switching Technology, Zero Cross Detector Technology

  • Over and under Volt Protection, Output Voltage Correction

  • Wall and Floor Mount

V-Guard Stabilizer VG Crystal for Led (Black)

Rs. 2,900.00 Rs. 3,500.00